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Marieke Hopman


22 februari 2018

Update: January’s ups & downs

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Dear all! I just wanted to write a quick message because I have not been sharing much lately. In my last message on New Year’s Eve, I told you about my plans for 2018. This was right before, while cooking dinner, I seriously cut my left middle finger, to an extent that I had to go to the hospital and even today I am still typing with 9 fingers. (Not that the finger had to come off! – I just lost feeling in the tip which makes typing quite difficult..). Also, I realized that I have a tendency of sharing only the good news around the research. Of course, especially since most of you also financially supported the research, I want to show you that your money is being put to good use! But in the interest of sharing, I would like to share both successes and failures more. So here’s January’s ups and downs:


  • teaching philosophy of law at the university of Hasselt for the first time
  • writing a first draft of a plan for a “society-engaged research platform” and finding others who are interested
  • rounding off the Marble project with all 5 students in a really positive way
  • getting more of a hang of my new role as PhD representative
  • sent in an article on legal orders in CAR and did not get a negative reply back (yet) 

  • scheduled three media interviews about the case study in CAR, did two and so far only one seems to get published..
  • had a difficult work conflict, that kept me up quite a few nights and made me feel very small
  • started teaching logic to MA lawyers, also for the first time – it seems to be going well, but I do feel quite insecure about it..
  • starting to feel stressed out about whether or not I will be able to stay in academia after the PhD

All in all, more ups then down! More soon. If you are not already, please follow the project’s facebook page for regular, shorter updates..!

Marieke Hopman


12 september 2017


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The new field research on the child’s right to nationality has officially begun! As we are dealing with a politically sensitive matter, we will not be posting on social media. So, click here to sign up for updates! We are excited to share our experiences with you.

Marieke Hopman


28 april 2017

Overzicht inkomsten en uitgaven 2014-2016

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Beste allen,

Hierbij deel ik graag met jullie een overzicht van alle inkomsten en uitgaven van het onderzoek, over de periode 2014-2016. Zoals je kunt zien, komt het meeste geld binnen wanneer ik onderwijs geef en projecten coördineer – dit zijn werkzaamheden die ik doe, in ruil waarvoor instellingen een donatie overmaken naar het onderzoeksfonds. Een belangrijk deel van de inkomsten komen van donaties – heel veel dank daarvoor!!

overview costs income

Het grootste deel van de uitgaven bestaat uit de beurstoekenning (een maandelijks bedrag van € 1.630. Dit bedrag zal gelijk blijven voor de hele onderzoeksperiode, resulterend in jaarlijks < € 2.500 lager dan een reguliere PhD medewerker). Reiskosten en overige kosten bestaan uit kosten voor de twee veldonderzoeken (transport, vertaler, overnachting, etc) en wat kosten gemaakt voor het onderzoek zelf, zoals de aanschaf van boeken. Voor een meer gedetailleerd overzicht van alle kosten, zie:

Als u kinderrechten onderzoek wilt steunen, kunt u hier een donatieformulier invullen


Marieke Hopman


13 april 2017

Published: Lipstick Law!

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Beste allen,

Met veel plezier kondig ik aan dat een stukje van het theoretische frame van mijn onderzoek – waarbij ik pleit om wetten te begrijpen door niet alleen de wetboeken te bestuderen, maar ook te kijken naar de regels die bepalen hoe mensen leven – is gepubliceerd in de Journal of Legal Pluralism!

Je kunt het artikel hier gratis lezen. Kijk aub ook even onderaan naar de “acknowledgments”!

Een korte verdere update; de komende 2 weken rond ik zowel het rapport over onderwijs in CAR, als het academische artikel over wetten in CAR, af. Daarna hoop ik een uitgebreide nieuwsbrief te sturen, met een update over afeglopen werkzaamehen en financiële verantwoording van kosten en baten over 2016. Dus u hoort snel weer van mij!

Marieke Hopman


27 juli 2016

Het onderzoek verplaatsen II – de oplossing!

27 juli 2016 | By | 4 Comments

Dear all,

As you probably know because I have been writing about this before, getting the research institutionalized has been more difficult than anticipated. Although we ran a great crowdfunding campaign with my colleagues of Tilburg university funds, and I worked together satisfactorily with the Wetenschapsknooppunt Brabant and INTERVICT Institute, there was no possibility at Tilburg University to use the money I raised to work as a PhD student, or even to use the money for research purposes.

I then applied at the ISS in the Hague (which falls under Erasmus University). After an intense selection process I was very proud and happy to be allowed to enter their PhD program. However, they had one condition: that I would work with two internal ISS supervisors and therefore not with prof. Rianne Letschert anymore, who has been my supervisor from the beginning. Which is something I really did not want because I love working with prof. Letschert. She is very good, sharp, intelligent, she teaches me so much, and she supports me and the project even if I make difficult choices such as doing crowdfunding or going to a war-affected area to do field research.

So for a while I did not know what to do next, and we were talking to universities abroad to perhaps set up a construction of cooperation – but then, Prof. Letschert got a phonecall and one day I’m in her office and she tells me she will be the new rector magnificus of Maastricht University!! (Incidentally, thereby becoming the youngest female rector magnificus in the Netherlands EVER). So cool.

So then we started talking to Maastricht and see if I could move my research project there. Last monday I had a last meeting on this and it looks like it all is working out!!! I can hardly believe it. So after 1,5 year after we started the crowdfunding it looks like finally this month I will receive my first scholarship allowance and an allowance for research expenses. The people in Maastricht so far have been extremely friendly, cooperative and enthusiastic about the project. With the head of the fundraising and alumni department I have already cooked up some fundraising plans for the future, and the people at the law faculty have been most supportive in figuring out the best way to work with past and future financial constructions.

All in all I am super happy that FINALLY this thing has been solved and I am moving the project to an inspiring and positive environment where I think it can prosper (of course, still depending on my hard work and quality of the research – which is yet another thing I will post about again soon :-)).

Next step: leaving for the Central African Republic this tuesday!!

Marieke Hopman


29 oktober 2015

Het onderzoek verplaatsen

29 oktober 2015 | By | 4 Comments

Beste allen,
Door onvoorziene omstandigheden moet ik mijn onderzoeksproject deels verplaatsen. Onderstaand Engelstalig bericht legt precies uit hoe het allemaal zit; ik moet nu weer verder met Engels studeren voor mijn toets a.s. zaterdag, dus even geen tijd om te vertalen! :-)

Hartelijke groet,


For those of you who have followed my financial plan for the research (see: this video), there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that in addition to the latest crowdfunding, through other means (mostly teaching) I have now raised an additional € 45.000 – so the fundraising is going strong!

The bad news is that Tilburg University has changed their plans for PhD scholarship students. Their idea was to pilot a program where PhDs are allowed to be students instead of employees (a construction that saves a LOT of money). I would participate in this pilot. However, now they decided to cancel these plans. As a consequence, I would have to raise more than 2x as much money as foreseen, as a PhD employee contract is much more expensive (mostly due to taxes and social security fees).

Of course I do not want to transfer about 60% of donations coming in to the tax office, so I am looking for alternative solutions. The best so far is to cooperate with another academic institution, which I am hoping to be the ISS in the Hague (see their website). This institution, the home base of my second supervisor Prof. Dr. Jan Pronk, is an amazing institution that in addition to academic quality values highly engagement in public debate. In this sense it therefore perfectly suits my research project and I would be lucky to work with them.

The difficult part is that ISS sets very high standards for their PhD students. So I again have to go through a process of application, re-write my research proposal, collect references, take an English (TOEFL) test. Secondly, to work at ISS I will need a new first professor (as Prof. Pronk is an emeritus professor). To this purpose, I have been in contact with prof. Karin Arts, a specialist on children’s rights who – thank god – is interested in my project.

So for the coming period there are some hurdles to take, starting with the TOEFL test which I am taking this saturday. I am studying like crazy right now, as I have to score >100 to even be considered as a PhD candidate at the ISS… Fingers crossed!

Marieke Hopman


26 oktober 2015

Voor publicatie -> een filosofisch perspectief op kinderrechten

26 oktober 2015 | By | One Comment

Goed nieuws: ik heb een e-mail ontvangen waarin staat dat reviewers mijn artikel (“(why) should children have rights? A philosophical perspective”) willen publiceren in het aankomende boek over 25 jaar kinderrechtenverdrag!

Tenminste, ik moet het artikel nog wel herschrijven – ik ben niet precies op de hoogte van academische conventies, maar volgens mij betekent dit normaliter dat mijn artikel is geaccepteerd. Ik ben hier extra blij mee omdat de academische traditie van kinderrechten onderzoek vaak geen filosofie bevat. Daarbij komt dat ik in het artikel beweer dat technisch gezien kinderen geen rechten hebben en dat we beter kunnen zeggen dat zij “juridische privileges” krijgen. Zoals een reviewer schreef in zijn/haar commentaar op mijn artikel: “het zal waarschijnlijk wat discussie uitlokken en we moeten geen artikelen weigeren omdat we het niet eens zijn met de gedachtengang”.

Het book zal in 2016 gepubliceerd worden bij Brill Nijhoff Publishers, edited by Prof T. Liefaard and Prof. J. Sloth-Nielsen.

Marieke Hopman


24 september 2015

De wet bekeken door de ogen van kinderen II

24 september 2015 | By | One Comment

Als we de wet bekijken door de ogen van kinderen, wie zijn dan de wetgevers? En hoe kun je dit onderzoeken?

Marieke Hopman


10 augustus 2015

De wet bekeken door de ogen van kinderen I

10 augustus 2015 | By | 5 Comments

De wet bekeken door de ogen van kinderen: wat is een wet, en wat is het verschil tussen een wet en een sociale regel?