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Marieke Hopman


17 October 2016

Without social interaction it can’t be done

17 October 2016 | By | No Comments

This interview in VOS/ABB magazine, on the previous case study (right to education in the Netherlands), came out last week. Title: “Without social interaction it can’t be done”. Subtitle: “Social interaction is crucial for a healthy development of children, emphasizes legal philosopher Marieke Hopman. Therefore she posits that homeschooling in principle is harmful and schools should do more with social interaction”.

Interestingly, they asked a homeschooler (mother) to reply. She argues that firstly the primary goal of education is knowledge and cultural education, not socialization. Secondly, socialization can happen through the village, the church, the family, which – in apparent contrast to schools – are not “child reservations”.20161017_142829

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