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Are you graduating soon? Do you realize what a luxury it has been that you have been able to follow education?
If you are graduating, please feel inspired by this heartwarming initiative by Miriam Hopman, who is soon graduating to become a doctor. In the invitation to her graduation party she wrote:

For presents? Obviously no one has to bring a presents, I mainly enjoy your presence! However, imagine you do want to give something, I have an idea ..

Over the last 7 years I have been able to study in liberty and also the 13 years before that I had the opportunity to attend primary and highschool. This luxury has created the situation that now I can start working as a doctor and I have good future perspectives. I am therefore entirely greatful that with so much ease (and support by my parents) I have been able to follow this education. However, not everyone has access to education, for example because there is a war going on, but in the Netherlands too many children do not go to school…A talented and hardworking philosopher, Marieke Hopman, is doing research on the right to educaiton. To support her, I will collect money at my graduation party. Anyone who is willing can contribute to her research project!

Again, please do not feel forced to take part in this, but of course it would be great :) More information on the research can be found here: