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Dear all,

As some of you might know, tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 27. Now, some have asked what I would like for a present. I thought about it and I realized that, like most of you, I already have enough and much, much more. I mean, think about it; I have two extra mattresses for when people want to stay over, I have so many clothes I don’t need to do laundry for about a month.. Whereas in my work I met children who sleep on the stone floor because there are no mattresses, whose clothes stink because they only have one pair which they peed in, etc. So what I wish most for my birthday is that anyone who has so much too, makes a small donation to my research project. The money empowers me to fight for the rights of those who do not have enough.

I will start with donating a small sum myself. You can also make a donation through this link: . Donations can be made anonymous.


Thank you so much!

– Marieke