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Dear all,

Hereby I would like to share an overview with you of the income and costs of the research project so far. As you can see, most of the project money comes from teaching and project coordination – this is work that I do, in exchange for which an organization donates money to the research fund. An important contribution comes from donations – for which I am so greatful!!

overview costs income

The money is mostly spent on the research’s scholarship (a monthly amount of € 1.630. This amount will stay the same for the whole research period, amounting to yearly > € 2.500 less net income than a regular PhD student). Travel costs and other costs include all costs for the two field research cases (hotel, flights, vaccinations, costs for translation, etc) as well as some costs made for the research, such as buying books. For a more detailed overview of all the costs, see:

If you want to support research on children’s rights, you can fill in a donation form here