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2017 september

Marieke Hopman


12 september 2017


12 september 2017 | By | No Comments

The new field research on the child’s right to nationality has officially begun! As we are dealing with a politically sensitive matter, we will not be posting on social media. So, click here to sign up for updates! We are excited to share our experiences with you.

Marieke Hopman


5 september 2017

Good news!

5 september 2017 | By | 2 Comments

Dear all,prize 1

Some good news: yesterday, during Maastricht University’s opening of the Academic Year, I won the Action Research Competition!!! This means I get € 3.000, which enables me to go back to the Central African Republic to share the research results. My wish is to start a national dialogue on what we can do to improve education in the CAR, together with the CAR minister of education.
prize 2
You can see the video of the winning pitch here!