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2018 september

Marieke Hopman


21 september 2018

Northern Cyprus: sharing the results 1

21 september 2018 | By | One Comment

Dear all,

It’s time for a new update! Exciting things are happening. I spent most of the summer writing a research proposal for the Dutch science organization NWO, for a follow-up project of 4 years to the PhD. If we get it, it will be another research on children’s rights including 4 case studies, yet this time Bigger and Better: the project includes 5 NGOs, 7 universities and 9 professors. We will get our first reviews in about two weeks, so fingers crossed!TRNC report 1

Second, over the summer me and Ambra have been working on the report on the child’s right to nationality in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.¬†report 3Below you see a preview of some of the pages of the English version, it will also be published in Turkish.


You may be wondering why it looks so nice? This kind of design must be very expensive? Well, no! What happened: some time ago, I did a radio interview about my research on Dutch national radio. Rik Hurks, CEO of marketing & communications bureau Mannen van 80, heard this interview and was moved by the story. He got in touch and turned out to be very enthusiastic about the research project and wanted his company to do some social responsibility. And so for a very low wage they are designing this report so beautifully Рand not just that, they are also making an online quiz! Mannen van 80 are also part of the NWO application so I hope we get to work together much more in the future.

From 4-16 October me and Ambra will be in Cyprus to share the research results. We are currently setting up a program which hopefully includes meeting with political actors (national and international), media engagement and discussion events. To be continued…!

report 2