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Marieke Hopman


13 juli 2018

First output research on child’s right to nationality in TRNC

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Dear all, I am very happy and proud to share with you our first official output of our research on the child’s right to nationality in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus! This document is a UPR shadow report to the UPR of the Republic of Cyprus. Basically, every four years, every member state of the UN has to report to the UN Human Rights Council to say how they are doing on protecting human rights in their country. To get good information on the human rights situation in states, the Council also asks NGOs to write so-called “shadow reports”. Together with the NGO Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI), yesterday we submitted a report on the rights of Turkish Cypriots to a nationality, and on subsequent (violation of) human rights resulting from whether or not someone has a certain nationality. Please note that, because this submission is about human rights in Cyprus as related to the Republic of Cyprus, other issues with right to nationality for people living in North Cyprus are not part of this report. Members of the research team are: Ambra, CĂ©line, Florentina, Nikki and Raphaela. I (Marieke) have been leading the research. UPR Cyprus ISI UM researchers

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