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The research on children’s rights, financially supported by the Children’s Rights Research Fund of university fund Limburg, is regularly in the media. Please find an overview below.

13 June 2018 – NPO Radio 1 (Dutch national radio). Interview: “How can we improve children’s rights?

13 June 2018 – Observant Magazine. Article: “Sounds from the Central African Republic in a classroom in Heerlen“. IMG_0613

30 May 2018 – Radio France International. Interview: “CAR: a Special Criminal Court to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity“.

28 March 2018 – Trouw (Dutch national newspaper). Article: “Books, teachers, in the CAR there is a shortage of everything“.

16 March 2018 – Trouw (Dutch national newspaper). Article: “More control on homeschooling is wise but risky“.

13 March 2018 – Trouw (Dutch national newspaper). Interview: “Children who do not go to school are missing something“.

15 January 2018 – Observant Magazine. Interview: “Every time I look at my tattoo I think of the life lessons I learnt in Africa“.

radio1-27okt11 September 2017 – Guira FM MINUSCA (UN national radio in CAR). Radio debate: “the child’s right to education in the Central African Republic”

9 September 2017 – Radio Ndeke Luka (CAR national radio). Interview: “the child’s right to education in the Central African Republic”.

21 June 2017 – Observant Magazine (Dutch). Interview: “Getting whipped for giving the wrong answer“.

27 October 2016 – NPO Radio 1 (Dutch). Interview: “After six years primary school still not being able to write your own name“.

17 October 2016 – VOS/ABB magazine (Dutch). Interview: “Without social interaction it can’t be done“.

28 May 2016 – Trouw (Dutch national newspaper). Article: “Aid workers were busy with parents, not with Sharleyne“.

26 May 2016 – NPO Radio 1 (Dutch). Interview: “Thousands of children in the Netherlands out of school“.

26 May 2016 – Trouw (Dutch national newspaper). Interview: “No one asks the children what they think”.

26 May 2016 – Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper). Interview: “Give children their own right to education“.

Volkskrant scan

15 May 2015 – Brabants Dagblad (Dutch regional newspaper). Interview: “a first: crowdfunding PhD research”

13 May 2015 – Volkskrant (Dutch national newspaper). Article: “If the university does not have the money, you have to be creative”.

12 May 2015 – Volkskrant (Dutch national newspaper). Article: “Turned down PhD researcher finds answer in crowdfunding“.

12 May 2015 – Univers Magazine (Dutch). Article “Project right to education kicks off“.

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Interview Omroep Brabant, fragment vanaf 14.45, dd. 17-05-2015. Oa waarom onderzoek belangrijk is, en waar moet die 100.000 vandaan komen?

  • Interview radio WFM98, dd. 7-06-2015